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Let's face it - attribution is jacked. We're here to help.

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Recover lost marketing data and take back your attribution

First-party data for modern ecommerce.

See Your True ROAS

Uncover lost attribution, spot misattribution, and make better budgeting decisions.

Uncover Lost Data

You're getting burned. iOS14.5 and Safari ITP has resulted in massive data loss. learn more.

Intelligent Ad Attribution

Kluvos leverages key signals, data points, & algorithms to make intelligent decisions about attribution.

Cross Device Reporting

A user's purchase journey frequently consists of multiple devices. Make sure you're not overlooking them.

90+ Day Attribution Window

Expand beyond a limited to a 7 day attribution window to discover deep insights about your marketing initiatives.

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Set up with your Shopify store in minutes. Do it yourself, or let us help!


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Go beyond

the cookie.

Intelligent Attribution

Say goodbye to antiquated, cookie tracking. With Kluvos, you'll be able to uncover more than you ever thought possible.

Own your data

Track across all your ad platforms

Cross device attribution

See your true ROAS

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Discover more

earn more, attribute more.

Import & Compare Data

Bring in data from your marketing dashboards to gain further insight into your ad performance.

Uncover unattributed sales

Expose misattribution

Know which campaigns, adsets, & ads are working

Facebook API Integration

See every


Purchase Pathways

Kluvos builds comprehensive purchase pathways after every purchase so you can see the entire purchase journey.

90+ Day Attribution Window

Cross Device Attribution

See Every Touch Point

Comprehensive User Journeys


Monthly Pricing

As a Beta user, you can use Kluvos for 30 days absolutely free.

Following the Beta, monthly pricing is based off of annual revenue.

Monthly Price: $59

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answers to some of the basic types of questions we get from our customers.

Click below for more detailed explanations.

Detailed Discussion

How does Kluvos work?

Kluvos extracts and process anonnymous information about each user including browser data, http data, device data, and network data in order to make intelligent decisions about attribution.


How is Kluvos tracking different?

Kluvos does not use standard cookie tracking and is not limited to a 7 day attribution window. It is fundamentally different than what drives reporting in ad dashboards and other analytics providers like Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics.


When will it start working?

Kluvos starts working immediately. However, the longer Kluvos is hooked up to your store, the more information it has and the more comprehensive attribution will be. Each store is different but top performance usually occurs between 30-60 days.