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Advanced Attribution

Relying on Shopify, Google, or ad dashboards for your data? See what you've been missing with Kluvos.

Recognize Returning Users

Leverage Kluvos' technology to recognize more of your users.

Full Customer Journeys

See the full customer journey leading up to purchase along with each touchpoint a user has had with your marketing channels.

See Your True ROAS

Don't rely on data you see in your ad dashboards. Get attribution you can trust from an unbiased-source.

"Kluvos increased revenue from key email flows by over 77% and has maintained that increase. Incredible."

- Co-Owner/CMO of nutsac.com

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Make your data work for you.
With Kluvos, we guarantee a minimum of a 1000% return on your investment.


Increase your Klaviyo flow revenue by 30% or more. GUARANTEED.

Upgrade Your Data

Use Kluvos to help identify returning users. Our user recognition capabilities protect against data loss including Safari ITP/iOS14.5+.


See The Full Journey

Uncover the full customer journey behind every purchase -- across devices and across your marketing channels.

Prevent Fraud

More Data More Profit

See virtually instant profit when you integrate Kluvos with your other data partners like Klaviyo.

Prevent Fraud


Features Your Company Shopify GA4
Bypass Safari ITP
Retain cookie data beyond 7 days
Yes ✅
Does not rely on standard cookie technology
Not Available ❌ Not Available ❌
Cross Device Attribution
Track users across devices & browsers
Yes ✅
Track unlogged-in users across multiple devices and browsers
User must be logged in to
Shopify during session ⚠️
In rare circumstances ⚠️
Advanced Cross Device Attribution
Aglorithms designed to detect cross-device attribution
Yes ✅
Uses algorithm to assist with cross-device attribution
Not Available ❌ Not Available ❌
Customer Journeys
See every touchpoint a user has had with your store
Yes ✅
See comprehensive purchase journeys behind every purchase
Not Available ❌ Very limited ⚠️
Feed your marketing data
Yes ✅
Your entire marketing stack can benefit from Kluvos' user recognition
Not Available ❌ Not Available ❌
Lookback Period
Available attribution window
90 days ✅ 7 days for Safari users ⚠️ 7 days for Safari users ⚠️


Kluvos extracts and process anonnymous information about each user including browser data, http data, device data, and network data in order to make intelligent decisions about attribution. To maximize attribution, each traffic source or marketing channel must be properly labeled with UTMs.

Kluvos' user recognition can be leveraged by other data providers like Klaviyo to great benefit.

Kluvos starts working immediately. However, the longer Kluvos is hooked up to your store, the more comprehensive attribution will be.

When Kluvos data is shared with Klaviyo, additional data will start to appear in your Klaviyo account in a very short amount of time -- usually within minutes.

Kluvos does not use standard cookie tracking and is not limited to a 7 day attribution window. It is fundamentally different than what drives reporting in ad dashboards and other analytics providers like Shopify Analytics, Facebook Ads Reporting, and Google Analytics.

Kluvos retains anonnymous identifiers for longer periods of time than traditional cookie technology. This provides ecommerce business owners and digital marketers a much better picture of ROAS and marketing channels are contributing to orders happening on your store.

Additionally, Kluvos' recognition data can be shared with your other marketing apps (Klaviyo) for data enrichment and to maximize sales.

Integrating Kluvos with Klaviyo enhances user recognition, ensuring that more of your existing email subscribers are accurately identified, even when Klaviyo alone might miss them. This improved identification, particularly for actions like "add to cart" is crucial. It can be difficult for Klaviyo to recognize email subscribers due to deleted cookies and other forms of data loss. Kluvos addresses this data loss by maintaining essential data. This fills your automated email flows with more of your email subscribers -- directly boosting your sales and profit.

Users who adopt this integration experience at least a 30% increase in revenue attributed to their abandoned cart flows.