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Attribution on steriods

  • Easy Set Up
    Quick and easy Shopify integration
  • Marketing Integrations
    Track your pay-per-click and email channels
  • Cross Device Tracking
    Attribute across multipe devices
  • Conversion Pathways
    Track entire purchase journeys across all channels
  • Long Attribution Windows
    No limited, 30-day attribution windows
  • Track iOS Users
    Uncover lost data from iOS users
  • Own Your Data
    Discover the power of first-party data
  • Facebook Integration
    Import your ads for enhanced attribution reporting


Answer: Kluvos is a first-party data provider.

Kluvos collects privacy-complaint data about your users on your behalf so that you can gain deep insights about your business and marketing initiatives. While we have a more grand vision of what this looks like in the future, we are first focused on tackling one of the biggest problems our current users face: Attribution.

Answer: Kluvos constructs detailed conversion pathways to help you understand each of the touch points a user has with your store between the time of their first recorded session and an eventual purchase event.

In order to do this, Kluvos uses a whole host of data points. In addition using a first-party cookie, other unique data points like device data, software data, network data, browser data, etc. can all be leveraged in order to make intelligent decisions about whether a session belongs in a particular conversion pathway i.e. can be attributed to a purchase.

Kluvos uses a number of deterministic and probabilistic data points in order to construct the best conversion path possible.

Answer: Just a few minutes.

For most Shopify stores, set up is quick and easy. Only two scripts need to be placed — one in your theme and one in your checkout scripts.

Answer: Kluvos will start collecting data immediately.

However, Kluvos is only able to conduct attribution based upon the data it has collected from the time it was initially installed on your store. This means you will start collecting data on day one but attribution for that day will be limited to a one day time window. As you continue to use Kluvos, Kluvos will have more data and will be able to provide you with a more complete picture of the conversions that take place.

Answer: When you use Kluvos, you will have detailed conversion pathways for each event so you will be able to know exactly which sessions are included in attribution.

This will allow you, if you so choose, to be able to cross reference Kluvos data with all of the other data sources in your business including data from your ad platforms, email service provider, post purchase surveys, and data from other analytics providers like Shopify and Google Analytics.

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Discover the power of first-party tracking and unlock deep insights about your business and marketing initiatives.


session: Thu, 26 May 2022 08:37:00

utms: none, none, none

referrer/source: direct

landing page: /product/t-shirt


session: Tue, 24 May 2022 11:16:18

utms: none, none, none

referrer/source: YouTube

landing page: /


session: Sat, 21 May 2022 06:55:23

utms: ACQ, 1%LAL, ugc

referrer/source: Facebook

landing page: /

Import Facebook Ads

Import your ads and use the Kluvos Pixel (Kpixel) to independently verify and correctly attribute conversions from your ads.

Holistic Data

Observe data across all your marketing channels.

Gain deeper insights and a deeper understanding into how your marketing channels work together.